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【DJ Soda】Famous female Dj at Zouk KL Malaysia [7:13]
【】A gentle voice by  余姿昀 [2:34]
【DJ Soda】Watch this sexy DJ performance on stage [0:56]
【简单爱】A short version sing by Yokez [0:44]
Sexy dancer at the outdoor stage party [1:30]
Sweet student girl singing in the public [5:29]
Thai girl wearing sexy lingerie dancing in her room [2:55]
【DJ Soda】Indoor Djing music [1:33]
Cute Chinese girl wearing a short jean dancing in the Chinese TV show [0:54]
Very sexy cheerleader dance performed by FB GIRLZ [3:15]
Asian girls performing at the event [1:52]
Very hot Asian DJ playing music [1:24]