Giant Japanese Pancake At Hiroshima Goemon!! Tasty Mochi & Cheese..Etc! 4kg 7000kcal

I love to eat Japanese Pancakes. I love to eat when it is piping hot and the aroma is just irresistible. This video will show you how the cook staff prepare the ingredients and pan fried it. Just looking at the cook staff pan frying the pancake, I'm already hungry. When you are in Japan, remember to find this type of Jap pancake and eat. It is just delicious and worth it. 

Now, let's watch how Yuka swallow this 4kg Japanese Pankcake! 😱😱. This pancake contains a variety of ingredients and toppings. although it is delicious and amazing in taste, it is very high in calories. Enjoy! 


If the video is broken, click here for alternative source