Music: Jess Wy 雷婉妍 cover- 周杰倫 Jay Chou【等你下課 - Waiting For You [1vid]

This is Jay Chou's song “Waiting For You” which is rearranged by Jess Wy. 

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Chinese lyrics with English translation:

你住的 巷子裡 我租了一間公寓
I rented an apartment in the alley where you live
In order to meet you unexpectedly
高中三年 我為什麼 為什麼不好好讀書
High school for three years, why do I not study well
Did not make it to the same university as you
 我找了份工作 離你宿舍很近
I got a job, very close to your dormitory
 當我開始學會做蛋餅 才發現你 不吃早餐
When I started learning to make quiche, I found out that you didn't eat breakfast
喔 你又擦肩而過 你耳機聽什麼 能不能告訴我
Hey, you pass by, what do you listen to, can you tell me?
Lying in your school field watching the stars
The lights in the classroom are still on, you are not leaving
記得 我寫給你的情書 都什麼年代了
Remember what kind of love letter I wrote to you
 到現在我還在寫著 總有一天總有一年會發現
I am still writing now, I will find out one day
Someone is silently with you
 也許 我不該在你的世界 當你收到情書
Maybe I shouldn't be in your world when you receive a love letter
Also means that I have gone far

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