A compilation of sexy models at event show [17pics]

This gallery comprises of various sexy models at different event shows. They are hosting the event and looking very pretty. 

The models have sexy legs and nice cleavage that men will have a second look when they see them in the event. 

Enjoy the photos. 


Pretty babe wearing white dress hosting for HUAWEI. 

Hot chick girl at the SANYANG event show

Show girl at OPPO launch event. She is wearing a white dress showing her sexy legs. 

Another pretty face babe for HUAWEI event. 

Pretty babe at cosmetic event wearing all white dress. She looks very sweet in that white dress. 

Lovely babe hosting outdoor event. She looks very adorable. I love her. 

This babe wearing this red dress and black stocking. She look very pretty and sexy. 

She wears this  short dress looking very sexy. I love to see her thighs. 

Lovely babe hosting event wearing this black skirt . Her white smooth legs make her look very attractive.

Pretty babe hosting for YAMAHA event. 

This babe wears the white skirt which has a cutting opening in front. She has a pair of slim sexy legs there!