Car models at car exhibition [14pics]

Showgirl at the exhibition is one of the marketing strategies to attract visitors. Especially men who love to see girls wearing a tight outfit and short skirt. In the exhibition, you will find a lot of these girls hanging around the booth. 

In this post, you will find girls wearing a tight skirt and low cut top which reveals their cleavage. 

Enjoy the exhibition! 


This grey dress is very short and you can see her sexy legs 

You can see her black panty when she sits like that! 

Managed to see her panty? 

Her dress is very short. You can almost see her panty already.

This outfit is very revealing. You can see her boobs already. 

Sexy babe with nice smooth long legs 

This pink dress is very short. 

Her top is very revealing. You can see her cleavage! 

Her dress is very short and if she sits down, you can see her panty

Sexy black dress showing this babe sexy legs