Clubbing: Two sexy babes wearing a black hot pant and a high boots with nice sexy legs [7pics]

Photos of two sexy babes wearing almost the same attire. Which one is sexier?

Two babes wearing a black hot pant and high boots. Both have nice sexy legs. The black colour of their shorts and boots just make their sexy legs look very tender and soft looking. 

Enjoy looking at their sexy legs. 


Sexy babe Choice 1: 
⏫In this position, she looks very sexy. It makes guys want to spread her legs open. 
⏫Her boobs look very soft to grab. 
⏫When she bends down like this, you can see her cleavage very clearly
Sexy babe Choice 2: 
⏫When she sits in this position, you can see her sexy thigh which looks very smooth to caress